Martina O’Shea is an Irish multi-disciplinary artist working in London. O'Shea works with installation, sound, performance, poetry and sculpture. Her background as a set designer can also be seen in her process of making interventions into space.
O'Shea's practice traces its beginnings in childhood days walking the winding bóithríns of Cahersiveen in Kerry with salt water steps and a waxing mind. Shape-shifted to the present day, she now walks the London docklands by the Thames (a generous generator of materials for the work). From here she explores the contemporary London cityscape of digitised information overload. Glitches and dreams occupy O'Shea's practice as well as the drive to identify the unexplored potential of an object, sound, or
image and encourage it to open up to even more possibilities. As such the practice is constantly evolving, unfixed and poetic, but always underpinned by entropy

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