Martina O'Shea uses alternative and traditional processes of image making; starting with chemigram process. Her visceral, organic images, at one moment appear to be ethereal landscapes, later changing into amorphous forms and are reminiscent of x-rays and galactic surfaces with their monochromatic shadows. Her roots in painting influences how she creates the ‘photographic’ image, as well as, questioning ‘what is a photograph?’ The initial image is made in the darkroom with photographic chemicals, it is then scanned and worked on digitally, reprinted and is often worked on top of with a variety of materials, from collage and graphite to household and spray paint, adding conscious strokes.

O’Shea’s interest in the idea of transformation, of one thing changing into another is evident in her work. The images evoke a sense of movement and are representative of both of what's inside of us: bones and organs as well as whats outside of us in the landscape. The idea of control and lack of control are dealt with in the process as well as leaving behind representational image making in favour of a more playful image that lets itself emerge organically and speaks of materiality and life force. Encouraging the viewer to look a little longer to see whats in front of them.  

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