***************************************************************       Martina is an Irish artist living in London who works with language, sound and technology as memory and material.

Bouncing between; physical and virtual,  real and imagined spaces, In the search for the intervalic, the glitch, the ephemeral and the poetic in a state of becoming. 
The work weaves in and out of memory as the past and the future brush shoulders in non linear rhizomatic form.
Found and personal objects are cast in variety of materials, such as; glass and bronze, in a transformative alchemical act that renders; strong objects fragile and fragile objects, indestructible.
 Each object is a reaction or a rejection to the previous one. It's a cumulative process, and there is a resonance of all the things from this chain reaction. The combination of intuitive and conceptual strategies merge into an idiosyncratic and subtle vocabulary. 

If you would like to commission, collaborate, purchase work, or have a chat feel free to get in touch. 

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