I am interested in the space between the blur and the clarity, where things appear to be something, but they are actually something else. With the awareness that no matter how much I delve into an image, dissect it and make something completely new from it, there is an impossibility of ever being completely sated with the result of that investigation. 

My work is informed by the photographic, in the broadest sense of the word. Which means it's boundaries are continuously being pushed. The use of voice, film, drawing, text, sculpture and the casting process are all ways of working within an expanding field of photography and as such creates a more embodied experience of the work. Where the viewer can walk around in the image as opposed to looking at it. 

I’m fascinated by the metaphysical and I explore this materially. Recently I’ve been working with static images from a night club video, because to me static is like dust, it’s a disruptor, an interference, a spook, a charge. Static hints at the invisible aspects to life, it speaks of not knowing, uncertainty but also of potential, hope and curiosity. 


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